Tech Specs in the Ford EcoSport

Technological amenities in the all-new Ford EcoSport take this vehicle to a new level. You get what you need in addition to a few things you never knew you needed until now. From a touchscreen to a personalized voice recognition system, this vehicle offers more than ever.

SYNC is a great feature all Ford vehicles come with, and this one comes with SYNC and an 8-inch touchscreen. You can connect your compatible iOS or Android device to the car to make commands, play music, and do far more. You also have a navigation system that doesn’t leave you lost with its pinch to zoom feature.

Test drive the all-new Ford EcoSport at Oneonta Ford LLC to try out all the new features and capabilities in person. You might be surprised that Oneonta, NY has a vehicle like this to offer when you thought you knew all there was to know about this vehicle.

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