Plenty of Amenities in the Ford EcoSport

Compact crossovers are a popular vehicle class, claiming a greater share of the market with each passing year. With its focus on comfort and technology features, the Ford EcoSport is a crossover that does more than just take its drivers to their destination; it also seeks to provide an environment where the journey is at least half of the fun.

Ergonomically styled seating in both the front and back seats ensures that both driver and passengers will arrive refreshed. The steering wheel keeps necessary controls right at the driver's fingertips, augmented by the nearby touchscreen set into the dashboard, which controls GPS and entertainment functions.

The EcoSport can also function as a Wi-Fi hotspot, using Ford's proprietary SYNC Connect system. With access for up to 10 devices, the Wi-Fi also extends up to 50 feet from the vehicle for coverage even when you're outside of your car. The FordPass system will also keep track of your internet usage so you don't exceed your data limit.



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