Enhanced Fuel Efficiency in the 2019 Ford Fusion

With the costs of fuel constantly on the rise, having a car that can save on gas is a must-have. The 2019 Ford Fusion is a popular mid-sized sedan that's built with fuel efficiency in mind.

The Fusion is available with three different engine options. All three of them utilize direct-injection technology. This unique feature helps to minimize waste while giving you power when you need it most. You can also get the Fusion with Auto Start-Stop technology. Every time you bring the car to a stop, the engine will shut off to save fuel. The infotainment center and climate control system will stay on so that no comfort is sacrificed. The engine will turn back on again once you hit the pedal.

Stop by Oneonta Ford LLC today to take the 2019 Ford Fusion out for a test drive in Oneonta, NY. Our team is excited for you to see what makes this care so great.

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