Drive Confidently in the Ford Escape

At Oneonta Ford, we believe that convenience can have a big impact on your life. With that in mind, we've added the Ford Escape to our lineup. With its smart design, this popular compact SUV brings a bit of ease to your everyday journeys.

Do you ever need to parallel park in Oneonta, NY? The Escape brings the fun back into the experience. With the available Park Assist 2.0 technology, you never need to worry about fitting into a spot. Just hit the button, take your foot off of the gas, and let the Escape do the work for you.

Many drivers need space for a cup of coffee or a smartphone while they drive. To maximize the usable space in the cabin, the Escape uses a compact rotary gear shift dial. Find out how much extra room you'll get by coming in to see us for a test drive today.

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