Ford Technology: Packages for a Smarter Ride!

At Oneonta Ford LLC, we love to chat with people about the popular new tech features in the Ford Explorer. This SUV is popular for being a comfortable SUV with third-row seating. Ford is bringing great technology, safety and comfort together in the Ford Explorer.

Ford+Alexa is a feature that allows you to use the Alexa from Amazon while you drive. You can connect through the SYNC 3 AppLink and have access to shopping, smart-home devices and Alexa skills. If you love having your home automated and questions answered at home, Ford offers you the same opportunities while you are in your Explorer with Ford+Alexa.

FordPass Connect with Wi-Fi is a great way to keep everyone working or studying while you are in traffic. Homework, reports, videos and movies can be watched, so everyone can relax and focus on priorities. You can connect up to 10 devices on the hotspot!



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