Digital technology should be an important category for car shoppers. Serving local clients, Oneonta Ford LLC highly recommends that shoppers test drive the Ford Taurus, which has one of the most sophisticated infotainment systems and active safety systems in its segment.

The SYNC 3 multimedia hub comes with a high-resolution display that reacts to gentle touches and taps. Additionally, several microphones transmit the driver's speech to the Ford+Alexa and GPS navigation software. Entertainment choices in this Ford sedan include HD Radio, SiriusXM, Pandora and many other portals that are integrated into Android phones and iPhones.

In the safety category, the Taurus has smart technologies that prevent accidents, such as the Lane-Keeping System. By applying the correct amount of torque to the steering system, the LKS lowers the risk of a side collision with other cars in adjacent lanes. This premium Ford sedan also has the Active Park Assist that issues hints for the steering, braking and other controls.



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