Being ready for the unexpected means having a car that can be efficient in multiple contexts. For instance, if you buy a car that’s ideal for sunny conditions, you’ll have to re-evaluate your choice once you move to an area that experiences more rain. This is why the Ford Mustang is a popular sports car that helps you expect the unexpected and be prepared no matter which circumstances you encounter.

For example, use the cloth convertible roof to keep yourself safe from the rain or soak up the sun depending on the day and your personal preference. If you need to switch on the fly, you can easily change it at a stoplight and on-the-go. Through this, you can ensure that you’re able to get the most out of your days without having to get caught in the rain (literally).

Another wonderful thing is the Mustang’s ability to smoothly adjust cruising speeds almost instantly with its 480-horsepower engine. Want to feel the comfort and power for yourself? Stop by Oneonta Ford to take a Ford Mustang for a test drive today!



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