New Ford Super Duty has Loads of Torque

The new Ford Super Duty is a full-size and powerful pickup truck. While this vehicle includes many driver and passenger-centric pleasures like large double cabs and comfort enhancing technology tools, it also includes many features designed to enhance power. These features include specially designed motors as well as high traction transmissions.

The Super Duty pickup is designed to put out an astounding 930 foot-pounds of torque. The application of torque is very important when it comes to towing or hauling heavy loads, and the nearly 1000 foot-pounds of torque provided by the Super Duty allow it to tow just about anything. This prodigious towing capability is backed up by a solid 450 hp motor.

Engines that provide these levels of horsepower and torque need specially designed transmissions to properly handle and channel all that power. The Ford Super Duty transmission ably lives up to this task. It includes the proprietary Ford TorqShift G 6-speed transmission. This automatic transmission tames and harnesses the thousand-pound torque put out by the motor with the Select Shift System. This system also allows for the use of manual transmission input and provides the specialized Ford Progressive Range Select service to allow drivers to choose the correct gear ranges for the existing road conditions.



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