Shift into 6 Gears with the Ford Fiesta ST

At Oneonta Ford, we bet you weren't expecting the Fiesta ST to be as incredibly quick as it actually is. Without a doubt, if you are in the market for a new compact car in Oneonta, NY then the Ford Fiesta ST is the perfect popular performance hatchback for you.

Which do you like better when it comes to owning a small car: power or fuel efficiency? With the Fiesta ST, you can achieve highway mileage of up to 32 mpg while still having the turbo-charged power to accelerate far past the competition; it's the ultimate hatchback for commuting, road trips, or whatever it is that you do.

We will just assume right now that you are not going to want to take your hands off of the leather-wrapped gear shift knob. It changes the Fiesta ST into driving between six different gears when you take it for a test drive, and quite frankly we wouldn't ask you to!


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