Stay Smart with the 2018 Ford C-MAX

The 2018 Ford C-MAX compact hybrid stays smart by offering many smart features that take your driving experience to the next level. Starting at $24,120, you will feel good knowing you have the latest features at an affordable price.

Smart features are absolutely required in 2018. They enhance everything about the vehicle by keeping you connected to the world. 

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Tech Specs in the Ford EcoSport

Technological amenities in the all-new Ford EcoSport take this vehicle to a new level. You get what you need in addition to a few things you never knew you needed until now. From a touchscreen to a personalized voice recognition system, this vehicle offers more than ever.

SYNC is a great feature all Ford vehicles come with, and this one comes with SYNC and an 8-inch touchscreen. 

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Check Out the 2018 Ford Escape Today

Whether you’re in the market for a new family vehicle or a compact SUV that’s capable of going along with you on years of outdoor adventures, the popular Ford Escape has a lot to offer. The 2018 edition of this perennial favorite comes equipped with everything that you’ll need to take to the road in comfort and style.

The Escape is designed with ergonomics in mind right down to the thoughtfully configured, heated steering wheel and easy-to-operate, switch-activated parking brake. 

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Performance Features in the New Ford Fiesta ST

The Fiesta ST has always been an incredibly popular performance hatchback option, and new updates to the vehicle ensure that it stays ahead of the competition. Few other options can provide such unparalleled serviceability in all driving situations.

One of the most enjoyable features of the vehicle is the AdvanceTrac system, which helps drivers regulate their engine torque and brake application depending on road specifics. This can provide a powerful degree of control in inclement weather and driving conditions. 

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